Yesterday we enjoyed the funny play “Spinderella”, a modern musical version of Cinderella.

As in the old version, Cinderella-here Cindy- has a horrible sister, Becky; a really bossy, unhealthy and terrible singer sister, who makes Cindy do all the housework.

Cindy has always dreamed of becoming a famous pop star and singing on TV but Becky is not going to let her to get it.

No godmother in this play, but a really funny godfather, The Karaoke King, who will make Cindy’s dream come true

Our pupils took part in the play too and, perhaps, we have found a new star between us.

Who knows, eh, Jon?
I love rock´n roll ( Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)
I Love Rock N Roll  (Alan Merrill)

Spinderella on PhotoPeach

Bad Romance

Testua: Mª Paz L.
Argazkiak: Paki

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